N26 withdraws from US


N26 withdraws from US

German digital bank N26 is to shut down its US operations in order to sharpen its focus on its European business.


If you’re planning a move to Germany and you’re looking into which bank account you should open – STOP! There are a few things I want to share with you that may change your mind about which bank is the right one for you.

UPDATE: American? Many banks are no longer accepting American documentation. In this case, I’d recommend checking out Wise Bank: https://wise.prf.hn/l/pRexDZQ

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– N26: http://bit.ly/N26-WEBSITE
– DKB: https://bit.ly/DKB-bank-de
– COMDIRECT: http://bit.ly/comdirect-LID

– How to Open Up a New Bank Account in Germany: https://lifeinduesseldorf.com/open-new-bank-account-germany/
– 6 of the Best Expat Banks in Germany: https://lifeinduesseldorf.com/best-expat-banks-germany/
– Your Options for Money Transfers to/from Germany: https://lifeinduesseldorf.com/international-money-transfers/


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Hey there, I’m Jenna! A Canadian Expat living in Germany since 2014. ����

Like many, I had a difficult time relocating – all the paperwork, finding a flat, a phone plan, a job, etc. So, I took it slowly and documented all my adventures along the way so that years down the road, I could help others avoid making the same mistakes I did. Let’s look at it as… PAVING THE WAY FOR NEW EXPATS TO SAVE TIME & MONEY!

I built up www.lifeinduesseldorf.com to help expats make the best out of their lives in Düsseldorf, and then soon realized a lot of the content I was sharing was helpful for ALL expats living in Germany. SO I BUILT AN ONLINE PROGRAM THAT HELPS EXPATS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD RELOCATE EASILY WHILE SAVING THOUSANDS OF EUROS!

… and now I’m bringing it all to YOUTUBE! ♥️

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Use your phone instead of a card at the ATM (CNET News)

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Bank of America will roll out thousands of so-called cardless ATMs across the US that let you withdraw cash using a phone. The tap and go functionality works with major digital wallets like Android, Apple and Samsung Pay.

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The Challengers 9: N26’s US launch — Capital One invests in MoneyLion — Betterment’s bank account

N26 finally launched in the US and Josh and Zack explore how the challenger bank structured its launch (100,000 beta users and via a banking partner). Your hosts also explore what this means for the other European challenger banks gearing up to launch like Monzo and Revolut.

Next up, Zack mentions MoneyLion’s $160 million investment which included Capital One’s participation. This appears to be the bank’s first investment in a challenger bank but perhaps it’s also the first time a major bank has invested in a challenger bank.

Robo-adviser Betterment has launched a new banking product which includes a high yield savings account — Everyday Savings — and announced it will roll out checking — Everyday Checking — later in 2019.

I’d like to thank our sponsor MX for supporting Tearsheet’s work. MX is the leading data platform for banks, credit unions and fintechs, enabling its clients and partners to easily collect, enhance, analyze, present and act on financial data.

Why I use the REVOLUT & N26 cards when traveling – Review

Today I will be sharing why I use the Revolut and N26 cards when I travel abroad instead of using the cards from my traditional Spanish banks (but it can be extrapolated to many other traditional banks in other countries). Small spoiler, it has to do with saving money while travelling, so if this sounds like something that you are interested on, stick around!
Before I start, what can you expect from this video? Besides a really quick introduction to Revolut and N26, we will be comparing the fees for transactions in other currencies of Revolut, N26 and then other traditional banks. In addition, we will also look at the fees to withdraw cash in ATMs in different currencies, but with that said, let’s dive into the topic!

MasterCard currency converter calculator: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html

Revolut currency converter calculator: https://www.revolut.com/currency-converter/

Fees Revolut: https://www.revolut.com/legal/standard-fees/

Foreign transaction fee N26: https://n26.com/en-eu/foreign-transaction-fee

Referral link Revolut: https://revolut.com/referral/roberti79j!SEP2-22-AR-WP-L1
Referral link N26: https://n26.com/r/roberta7033

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