N26 racks up a quarter of a million US customers in first six months


N26 racks up a quarter of a million US customers in first six months

Berlin-based banking startup N26 claims to have recruited 250,000 new customers in the US, just six months after opening its doors Stateside.

N26: creating a seamless banking experience

Focused on meeting the everyday needs of modern-day customers, N26 is 100pc app-based and designed to create a seamless banking experience.

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how Diposit cash money in N26 account

Is the N26 Bank Card a Scam

The N26 Card has expanded to America, is it worth signing up or should you just stick to the other online banks like Varo, sofi and so on?

Well in this video I’m going to call customer service and ask them all the questions you probably need an answer to. Like why do they charge $16 for a debit card when I can just get a credit card and get all the features for free. And I’m also going to give you guys some alternatives to this card in case its not as good as they say.

What is N26 is all about?:

Simple explanation:
Story: Basically one to Spotify and connect the entire world with banking. And although they believe basic banking should be free, they still think that 10 for .01% is a good deal.

Q &A
Customer Service: 888-626-0626 or +1-888-N26-0-N26

1. Requirements
2. Customer service is it 24/7
3. What are these, like atm, maintenance, transfer fees, wire fees and card replacement fees
3.5 if I lose my card while travelling will you send me one abroad
4. Checking Account: any interest
5. Savings Interest
6 Do you offer credit cards or debit card with credit card benefits?
6.5 Do we have access to the N26 You and N26 Black or not check.
– if yes how much and what does it offer and why is it so expensive
6. Budget: how does it help you budget
7. Text notifications
8. Setting Spaces:
9. Cash deposit
10. Zelle, cash app venom or just the MoneyBeam
11. Atms any reimbursement worldwide?
12. Limits: withdrawing money, depositing, sending money
13. Credit check hard or soft:
14. International Travel: can use my card outside of America and are there any fees.
14.5 how can I send money to oversees
15. Can you connect it with your bank
16. Can withdraw more than 10k in one day
17. How do you deal with frauds: do you guy cover them or no
18. If lose my card: whats the process of getting a new one.
19. Do you guys sell or share my Personal information
Final Thoughts:
N26 is a great product thats still unfinished and still has a few things to correct. And that’s why i can recommend it yet




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