N26 and Monese growth announcements bolster fintech strength in 2020


N26 and Monese growth announcements bolster fintech strength in 2020

Ballooning customer bases and strong valuations are set to solidify confidence in fintech during 2020.

Wells Fargo’s Mike Mayo on Banking Jobs, Earnings, Fintech

Oct.07 — Mike Mayo, head of U.S. large-cap bank research at Wells Fargo Securities, discusses how technology will impact banking jobs over the next decade and his expectation for “sluggish’ topline growth in bank earnings. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Norris Koppel Founder of Monese


When Monese founder Norris Koppel first moved to the UK from Estonia, he faced a frustrating experience that is all too common.
With no UK credit history or utility bills proving his address, he was immediately denied a bank account. Without one, he found it near impossible to receive his salary or rent an apartment.
From his painful experience, Monese was born – a banking service that was inclusive, instant and on-demand.
Monese launched in September 2015 as the first 100% mobile current account in the UK.
Today, people from all over Europe can open a UK current account in minutes, free from the hidden fees and restrictions that legacy banks impose.
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Monese Ltd interview

Interview with Product Manager

Norris Koppel | The Breakfast Show �� | Fintech Insider | Episode 15

April 8th 2020


David Brear is joined by Norris Koppel, founder & CEO at Monese. They talk about digital access to finance and how they’re supporting their customers during this uncertain time.

The Breakfast Show is a live video discussion via LinkedIn Live every morning at 8:30, hosted by 11:FS CEO David Brear, to discuss remote working in these unprecedented times, as well as breaking industry news, topics and trends. Every morning he is joined by a special guest from the 11:FS team or the wider global fintech community.

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