Libra Association names Credit Suisse exec Daines chief compliance officer


Libra Association names Credit Suisse exec Daines chief compliance officer

As it looks to get regulators onside, the Libra Association has brought in Credit Suisse's head of financial crime compliance, Sterling Daines, as chief compliance officer.

Credit Suisse ends torrid year with $2.2 billion loss

Credit Suisse capped a scandal-ridden year with a $2.2 billion quarterly loss and said 2022 earnings would be weighed down by restructuring and compensation costs.

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Credit Suisse Says CEO Thiam Not Involved in Decision to Spy on Khan

Oct.01 — Credit Suisse Group AG Chairman Urs Rohner speaks at a news conference in Zurich about the “personal differences” between Chief Executive Officer Tidjane Thiam and former employee Iqbal Khan which led to a “wrong and disproportionate” decision to spy on Khan.

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